Video Interview

Welcome to Hair Therapy!

Hi. I'm Kim Olson, the owner of Hair Therapy Salon and Day Spa. Thank you for your interest in joining our team and congratulations on being invited to our initial interview!

In my video, I have three questions for you to answer. You’ll upload a video for each question and submit them individually. Just sit back and relax and know that you can re-record your answers before you submit your video.

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How It All Started

I founded Hair Therapy Salon in 2010. Since then, we have continued to evolve by enhancing our services and expanding our expertise. In 2018, I purchased our current building and introduced spa services, transforming our establishment into Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa.

Our Salon Culture

At Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa, we prioritize a welcoming atmosphere that balances relaxation and fun. Our team is highly skilled, professional, and approachable. We create a positive and inviting environment for guests to fully unwind and enjoy their time with us, helping them escape the stresses of life.

Our Salon Mission

We provide a refuge where guests can reconnect with their beauty and well-being. We achieve our mission and culture by living our E.P.I.C.C Core Values (see below). 


Exude Positivity 

Others feel better when around you and when faced with challenges you stay solution-oriented.

Purpose Driven Goals

Tapping into a greater purpose will lead to greater achievements.

Ignite Team Unity

We are better together and together we accomplish great things!


Feed your curiosity by being humble, hungry for knowledge, and willing to be out of your comfort zone.

Clear & Compassionate Communication

Compassionate and clear interactions that promote a sense of being heard, valued and cared for.