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Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa 

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services, ensuring you leave feeling Refreshed, Rejunvenated, and Relaxed.

We exclusively use Eminence Organic Skin Care products in our Day Spa.

About Eminence Organic Skin Care

Biodynamic Ingredients:

Originating from a balanced, holistic view of the universe, Biodynamic® farming practices regard the farm, the plants, and the animals as a self-supporting ecosystem that lives and breathes. It renders fruits and herbs that are unusually high in nutrients and active compounds then harnesses these potent ingredients into a collection of products that are the ultimate in pureness and results-driven skin care.

Seeds are planted and crops are harvested following the lunar cycle so that when the tides are high, roots receive the most moisture and goodness.

As an alternative to harsh pesticides, the farm uses herbal teas and plant friendly honey traps from local bees as natural insect repellents ensuring that all Biodynamic® ingredients are farmed as naturally as possible.

Biodynamic® ingredients are void of all chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Only natural medicinal herbs and mineral composts are used to enhance the soil and ignite powerful growth forces in the plants from roots to tips.

Organic Ingredients:

Healthy skin is a reflection of what you feed your body, inside and out. That’s why we source premium ingredients from organic farms worldwide to ensure our products are the purest and most potent.

Organic skin care is rooted in a holistic approach to farming and production. Unfortunately, modern agriculture robs the land of nutrients and often results in genetically modified ingredients. Choosing organic ingredients ensures that there are no harsh chemicals added. Our products do not contain harmful chemicals like added Parabens, Petrolatum, Mineral Oils, Propylene Glycol, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Natural Ingredients:

Our products are made with fresh fruit pulps, plants, and exotic spices. This makes them incredibly rich in nutrients, so they are not only the healthiest choice for you, but also the most effective, results-oriented collection around. Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, offering dramatic results as actual seeds, pulps, and peels impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce. The precious ingredients are combined with thermal hot spring water to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties.


All services can be modified to meet your specific needs. Spa Days are our favorite days of the week, we hope to make them your favorite days too! We look forward to helping you achieve your relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration goals.  



All facials are customized to your specific skin needs and use only Eminence Organic Skin Care products.

All Facials:

-All products are applied to the face, neck, and décolleté.

-Pro-Treatment(s) are performed with products not available for retail purchase.

-VitaSkin Organic Peel applied as Pro-Treatment upon request.

-Includes extractions when needed.

-Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Masque, Pro-Treatment(s) Peel, Hand Massage, Face, Neck, & Décolleté Massage, Serums, Moisturizer, & SPF.


VitaSkin™ Targeted Treatment Facials – $85 (60 Min)
*Firm Skin Facial- Targeted Anti-Wrinkle 

*Bright Skin Facial- For Hyperpigmentation

*Clear Skin Facial- For Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

*Calm Skin Facial- For Sensitive & Rosacea Skin

Achieve dramatic results – naturally. These potent botanical blends take aim at specific skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and the signs of aging  without any harsh ingredients. The VitaSkin™ Targeted Treatments provide a concentrated dose of vitamin-rich organics for precise application that delivers dramatic results, right where you need them.

Marine Flower Peptide Lifting Facial – $85 (60 Min)
Dive deep into ageless results with the magic of marine flowers! This revitalizing treatment combines sustainably sourced algae extracts with potent botanical peptides and other organic ingredients to support collagen production and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for more rejuvenated, lifted, firmer looking skin.

Acne Advanced Treatment Facial – $85 (60 Min)
Treat your acne naturally with this botanical-rich facial, packed full of organic ingredients that specifically address acne conditions such as excess oil, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. Potent time-release encapsulated salicylic acid deeply penetrates pores to dissolve excess build-up, powerfully cleaning out blackheads and preventing future congestion. Our Acne Advanced Facial is a perfect first step to clearer skin.

Arctic Berry Illuminating Facial – $100 (75 Min)
Utilizing potent and rare berries from the Arctic, this decadent, results-oriented facial layers three uniquely formulated products that work harmoniously as an advanced resurfacing treatment. The breakthrough Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System also targets blemishes, uneven skin, and fine lines to reveal a new level of luminosity to your skin. Deep exfoliation combined with a botanical peptide infusion delivers an instantly younger looking, glowing appearance and is suitable for all skin types.

Dermaplane Add-On to Customized Facial- $25 (30 Min)

A Dermaplane Add-On to Customized Facial is an exfoliating treatment that triggers skin cells to regenerate, helping to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring and rough skin. A dermaplaning treatment utilizes a surgical scalpel to gently scrape the surface of the skin to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (aka peach fuzz). You can expect to leave with baby soft skin without harsh side effects. Dermaplaning assists the skin with a deeper absorption of the products applied after the technique is complete, helping soothe, heal and hydrate dry skin. The skin will be left smooth, clear and naturally radiant!

High Frequency Treatment- $20.

Anti-bacterial for acne elimination, Anti-Aging Benefits.


Non-Laser Permanent Hair Removal


Epilfree Permanent Hair Removal

You’ve wanted smooth and hair free skin, and have tried a variety of hair removal methods, only to find the results weren’t what you had hoped for, or it was more work and more expensive than it was worth.

Have you looked into laser hair removal but were told you wouldn’t see results because your hair is too thin, light, you don’t have enough contrast between your skin and hair color, or because you have tattoos?

We Have Your Solution!

Epilfree Permanent Hair Removal

    Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa

What is Epilfree?

Epilfree is your alternative for permanent hair removal. It’s an easy, effective, and affordable alternative to expensive laser and electrolysis hair removal treatments. It is used in conjunction with your waxing service here at Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa.

It permanently removes unwanted hair on all skin tones. No high contrast required like laser hair removal. Bonus, it can be used over tattoos!

Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa

Who created Epilfree?
Dr. Yoel Konis PhD, founder of EpilFree, has been an expert in the field of chemistry and cosmetic science for over 3 decades.  Dr. Konis was testing natural ingredients for the treatment of healing skin diseases such as cancer. While experimenting, he found that the hair was not growing back on the treated areas, and so Epilfree was born!


Want to start seeing results? Then there is no better time to start Epilfree than now! Remove all unwanted hair naturally with the leading 100% natural hair removal treatment.

Book your Epilfree In-Person Consultation today! (Up to 45 min- $30)

Call us at 573-474-4555 or click Book Now. Select “Consultations” from the booking menu & click “Epilfree In-Person Consultation”.

Who Epilfree Benefits.

Epilfree is for both men and women and can be used on any part of the body. It is beneficial for people of all ages, from teenagers to adults.  No matter your skin tone, hair color, age, or number of tattoos, Epilfree can be used to permanently remove unwanted hair from any area of your body.


Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa

How Does It Work?

Epilfree is a 2-Step Permanent Hair Removal system done by our licensed esthetician.  Epilfree works by gradually reducing and stopping further growth of hair in the treated areas.

What To Expect.

Like other hair reduction methods, Epilfree requires a series of treatments to give the best results. For smooth, hairless skin, 10-12+ treatments will likely be needed. This is because the hair grows in stages and only about 10-15% of the hair on the body at one time is in the growth stage in which Epilfree is effective. The number of treatments depends on the individual, the area the individual is having treated, and whether total permanent hair removal or permanent hair reduction is desired.

Want to start seeing results? Then there is no better time to start Epilfree than now! Remove all unwanted hair naturally with the leading 100% natural hair removal treatment.

Book your Epilfree In-Person Consultation today! (Up to 45 min- $30)

Call us at 573-474-4555 or click Book Now. Select “Consultations” from the booking menu & click “Epilfree In-Person Consultation”.

Before & After

Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa Hair Therapy Salon & Day SpaHair Therapy Salon & Day Spa Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa


Epilfree services are broken down into 4 categories. They may purchase them individually, but we highly recommend buying a series to take advantage of the discounts we offer. Save 10% of a Series of 6 and 15% on a Series of 12

For Hair Reduction- May purchase individually or a series of 6.

For Total Hair Removal- May purchase any series but will need 10-12 sessions+.



All Epilfree services require a Mandatory In-Person Consultation. Consultations are up to Up to 45 minutes & $30.

+May be additional charges based on density of hair or surface area to be treated.

Don’t see an area listed that you would like to have permanent hair removal completed on? Schedule your In-Person Consultation for a custom price quote. We do not perform Men’s Bikini or Manzilians.

Category 1- $65+            Areas such as: Brow, Lip, Chin, Ears, Sideburns

*Compared to laser emoval- $75-150 per session

Individual- $65+

Series of 6- (10% savings) $390-10% ($39)= $351+


Series of 12- (15% savings) $780-15% ($117)= $663+

Category 2- $90+

Areas such as: Underarms, Shoulders, Feet, Hands, Neck, Woman’s Tummy Trail, Woman’s Lower Buttocks.

*Compared to Laser Removal- $100-300 per session

Individual- $90+

Series of 6- (10% savings) $540-10% ($54)= $486+

Series of 12- (15% savings) $1080-15% ($162)= $918+

Category 3- $120+

Areas such as: Lower Leg, Lower Arm, Bikini, Full Face (3 areas), Men’s Upper Chest,  Men’s Stomach, Full Buttocks,  Men’s Half Head.

*Compared to Laser Removal- $125-300 per session

Individual- $120+

Series of 6- (10% savings) 720-10% ($72)= $648+

Series of 12- (15% savings) $1440-15% ($216)= $1224+

Category 4- $185+

Areas such as: Full Arm, Full Back, Men’s Full Chest & Stomach, Full Leg, Woman’s Brazilian, Men’s Full Head.

*Compared to Laser Removal- $250-500 per session

Individual- $185+

Series of 6- (10% savings) 1110-10% ($111)= $999+

Series of 12- (15% savings) $2220-15% ($333)= $1887+


Want to start seeing results? Then there is no better time to start Epilfree than now! Remove all unwanted hair naturally with the leading 100% natural hair removal treatment.

Book your Epilfree In-Person Consultation today! (Up to 45min- $30)

Call us at 573-474-4555 or click Book Now. Select “Consultations” from the booking menu & click “Epilfree In-Person Consultation”.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Epilfree?

A: Epilfree is a unique, natural, and patented European permanent hair reduction system that combines the simplicity of use with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and cost.

It is a natural and scientific solution for unwanted hair that works with waxing, so it is suitable for everyone. Any skin tone or hair color, including blonde, gray, red, and even fine peach-fuzz hair.

It is based on a combination of natural and safe scientific ingredients, and consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus. The preparation nourishes and softens the skin, as well as enables the treatment lotions to easily penetrate the pores down to the hair follicle.

It is safe and effective for those who have naturally dark or tanned skin and those who are photo sensitive due to medication. There is never a danger of skin pigmentation before, during, or after treatments.

It is target specific and only eradicates the cells that are involved with the hair dividing process, so the skin remains healthy.

It’s a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to laser and electrolysis. It works in cases where the above mentioned are ineffective or not an option. Epilfee can also be used as a complementary treatment to laser or electrolysis.

Q: How does Epilfree work to reduce/eliminate hair from the body?

A: Epilfree eliminates hair growth with two solutions that work in perfect synchronization with one another to open the hair shaft and allow the penetration of an activator that inhibits hair growth.

Q: What are the advantages of Epilfree compared to laser or electrolysis?

A:  Epilfree is suitable for all hair types, colors; including red, blonde, grey, and peach-fuzz hair. There is no risk of skin damage that some people are prone to as a result of laser or electrolysis treatments.  Epilfree is offered at a competitive price compared to most expensive laser & electrolysis sessions, which allows greater accessibility to more people.

Q: Who can receive Epilfree?

A: Epilfree is intended for women and men of all ages.



Q: Are there any limitations?

A: Epilfree cannot be used on skin that is irritated, damaged, has open wounds, or in mucous areas (i.e. inner nose and the rectum). In general, the “rule of thumb” is that if a person is unable to receive wax treatments, they are unable to receive Epilfree.

Q: Who should NOT use Epilfree?

A: It is advised to avoid Epilfree if you are experiencing hormonal problems. If you are experiencing hormonal problems, please see a doctor for treatment and come back after therapeutics balance your hormones. We cannot use Epilfree in the case of an untreated thyroid problem, if pregnant, or breast-feeding.

Q: What about Chemotherapy? Radiation?

A: Epilfree is not recommended during any treatment of cancer.

Q: How many sessions do I need?

A: A series of 10-12+ sessions is typically needed to effectively remove the hair in most areas. The need for multiple sessions is due to the way that hair grows in stages. Only about 10-15% of the hair, at any one time, is in the growth stage where Epilfree is effective. The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: Typically, results become visibly obvious after 2-3 sessions. A full course of 10-12+ sessions is required to stop most of the hair growth. The speed of visible results varies among individuals and body parts.

Q: How long will the results last? Will the hair grow back?

A: As with laser, the hair is not expected to grow back unless there are major hormonal changes or illness. Touch up sessions may be required in the future.

Q: Is it pain-free?

A: Yes. Epilfree is completely pain-free, adding no sensation beyond that of a normal waxing. There is no risk of burning, scarring, or discoloration and no side effects have been observed. Sensitivity in the underarms is possible, if an antiperspirant is used before treatment, but easily calmed.

Q: Can Epilfree be used on teenagers?

A: Yes. It is safe for teenagers, but it must be understood that if sessions are performed during puberty or hormonal changes, it may require additional or future treatments to receive intended results.


Epilfree vs. Laser Hair Removal

Price Comparison with a Local Laser Competitor for One Treatment



 Area                                                                   Epilfree Cost                                      Laser Cost

































Woman’s Tummy Trail



Woman’s Lower Buttocks









Lower Leg





Lower Arm








Full Face




Men’s Upper Chest




Men’s Stomach




Men’s Full Buttocks




Men’s Half Head







Full Arm




Full Back



Men’s Full Chest & Stomach



Full Leg



Woman’s Brazilian



Men’s Full Head





Want to start seeing results? Then there is no better time to start Epilfree than now! Remove all unwanted hair naturally with the leading 100% natural hair removal treatment.

Book your Epilfree In-Person Consultation today! (Up to 45min- $30)

Call us at 573-474-4555 or click Book Now. Select “Consultations” from the booking menu & click “Epilfree In-Person Consultation”.


Massage & Migraine Miracle Treatment


For Lymphatic/Sinus Drainage & Gua Sha Stone Facial Massage, See Enhancements.

Migraine Miracle Massage®– MUST come in with a clean face.

30 Min-$60

Suffering from migraines, headaches, or seasonal allergies?  Are you tired of having to skip activities because you can’t get rid of the pain? We understand how debilitating headaches and migraines can be. You shouldn’t have to rely on one option alone to manage or prevent your pain.

Migraine Miracle helps to:

  • Relieve migraine headaches using a natural and holistic method.
  • Reduce vascular swelling that causes pounding migraine pain. 
  • Calm the brain’s reaction to specific migraine triggers. 
  • Relieve migraine headache pain with less use of medications.

Series of 6 sessions, $55 each. Savings of $30

Heated Stone Massage

60 Min-$120

90 Min-$150

Let heated volcanic basalt stones ease away stress and muscle tension, allowing for deep relaxation and pain relief. Contraindicated for prenatal clients.

Integrated Gua Sha & Cool Stone Massage

60 Min-$75

This integrated massage therapy focuses on either the upper or lower body. The service begins with a comprehensive, 15-minute, consultation about your specific muscular issues, goals, and what to expect for an outcome. Following the consultation is a hands-on massage for 45 minutes using Gua Sha and Cool Marble Stones in tandem to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and more!

Gua Sha is performed by using a rose quartz tool to gently rake the skin which breaks up knots in connective and muscle tissue:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • Assisting with flexibility and range of motion
  • Breaking up scar tissue
  • Relieving muscle tension

Cool Stone Therapy is performed with cool marble stones to bring your body back into balance:

  • Reducing inflammation caused from muscle strains, tendonitis, or intense exercise
  • Drawing heat out of the body to assist in reducing pain
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Decreasing sinus inflammation, pain, and congestion (See Migraine Miracle Massage for a cool stone facial massage.)
  • Reducing swelling from various activities– work, sports, injuries, and accidents

Swedish Massage

Light to firm pressure for relaxation, aids in stress management, and some tension areas are addressed.

30 Min – $40

60 Min – $75

90 Min – $105

120 Min – $150

Aromatherapy Massage

Swedish Massage with customized aromatherapy and the use of hot towels.

30 Min – $45

60 Min – $85

90 Min – $115

120 Min – $160


Deep Tissue Massage

(May include the use of hot towels or percussion therapy.)

Addresses the deeper layers of muscle tissues affected by injury, repetitive use, or deep tension. (Some conditions may require a doctor’s note or may be contraindicated either locally or completely.)

30 Min – $45

60 Min – $90

90 Min – $120

120 Min – $165


Prenatal Massage

Can help to ease many stresses expectant women experience such as headaches, nausea, swelling, and high blood pressure. (Must be at least 6 weeks and a doctor’s note provided for any high risk conditions.)

30 Min – $40

60 Min – $75

90 Min – $105

120 Min – $150


Heel to Toe Healer

Massage for the feet and calves with peppermint oil to ease aches and pains from standing all day.

30 Min – $45



Full Body Waxing


Before your service:

  • For best results, hair should be 1/4 inch to 1 inch long.
  • Do not use any creams, gels, lotions, or oils, on the area to be waxed, the day of service.
  • Tanning should cease 3 days before service. If skin is irritated, red, or sunburnt, the service must be rescheduled.
  • Please note that hair removal is more uncomfortable on your menstrual cycle. Being on your menstrual cycle will not disqualify you from getting a wax, but you will need to inform your provider before your service begins.
  • Do not use any scrubs or exfoliating acids (glycolic, lactic, salicylic, etc.) 72 hours before your wax unless instructed by your technician.

Brow Wax – $15

Lip Wax – $12

Brow & Lip Combo – $23

Chin Wax – $15

Full Face Wax – $35

Under Arm – $25

Lower Arm– $35

Full Arm – $45

Lower Leg – $45

Full Leg – $60

Bikini – $40

Brazilian – $55 (Must book a free phone consultation prior to scheduling. Click “Consultations” in Booking Menu)

Chest – $50

Back – $60

Enhancement Services


Added to Facial or Massage services to increase benefits & relaxation.

CBD Serum – $15. CBD Serum added to massage lotion for pain management and relaxation. 

Gua Sha Stone Body– $20. Gua Sha is performed by using a rose quartz tool to gently rake the skin to break up knots in connective and muscle tissue. Sara Apel only.

Cool Stone Therapy– $20. Cool Stone is performed with cool marble stones to bring your body back in balance by removing heat and inflammation. Sara Apel only.

Body Cupping– $20. Silicone suction cups are used to increase blood flow to specific areas of focus, helping to release muscle tension, promote cell repair, reduce scar tissue, and improve range of motion. Please note: not recommended for clients prone to bruising or on blood thinners. Sara Apel only.

High Frequency Treatment– $20. Add to a facial.  Anti-bacterial for acne elimination, Anti-Aging Benefits.

Hand & Arm Scrub– $20. Add to a facial or massage. 

Foot & Leg Scrub– $20. Add to a facial or massage.