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Marci’s Price Increase- February 1, 2022.

Due to the continued rising costs of supplies, shipping, minimum wage increase, work force shortages, and the increase in competitive compensation for hourly employees during these difficult economic times, it leads us to a price increase that is more than typical. –Kim Olson, Owner

We understand if you need to book services with less frequency or alter the type of services you book.  Please let us know and we will help you with a solution in any way we can. 

We are a team here at Hair Therapy, so please feel free to visit our other stylists that may have a lower price level.  Ask me about who I would recommend and I’ll instruct them on how you like your hair services.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.  It is a pleasure to serve you.                                 

Sincerely,  Marci Meyer

Cuts & Styling

Women’s 45 Min Cut Blowdry Style   $65

Women’s 60 Min Cut Blowdry Style  $73

Women’s Dry or Wet Cut  $60

Bang Trim   $17

Men’s Cut  $50

Child’s Cut (10 & Under)

*Wet or Dry Cut-0-5yrs  $35

*Wet or Dry Cut-6-10yrs  $48

*Cut & Blowdry-6-10yrs   $55

Wash Blowdry Style $38

Wash Blowdry Style + Iron  $55

Blowdry Style (Add-On to Color Service)  $25

Blowdry & Hot Tool Style (Add-On to Color Service)  $43


Hair Treatments

Split End Treatment $72

Split End Treatment Long/Thick Hair  $82

Kevin.Murphy Conditioning Treatments  $27

BondBuilder Demi Permanent Conditioner  $33


Permanent Wave

Permanent Wave Full Head  $119


Smoothing Treatments

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment (temporary results) $278-340+ Includes an ionic bonding spray to take home.


Color Full Retouch  $95

Color To the Ends  $112

Color To the Ends Long Hair  $129

Hilites or Lowlites

Hi/Low-Lites Full Retouch  $129

Hi/Low-Lites Full To Ends   $142

Hi/Low Lites Full To Ends Long Hair  $167

Hi/Low-Lites Partial Head Retouch  $117

Hi/Low-Lites Partial Head To Ends  $129

Hi/Low-Lites Partial Head To Ends Long Hair  $154

Dimensional Color

(A single color all over with highlights added in.)

Dimensional Color Retouch  $135

Dimensional Color To Ends   $148

Dimensional Color To Ends Long Hair  $173


(Hand painting to create a softer effect.)

Balayage / Toner  $208

Balayage / Toner Long Hair $245

Balayage / Base Color/Toner  $285

Balayage / Base Color/Toner Long Hair  $323

Color Extras

Brow Tint   $21

Toner or Tinted Color Glaze  Applied After  Highlights  $49

Clear Gloss Shine Treatment  $49

B3 Shine Treatment (Add-In to Color)  $15



Facial Waxing

Brow Wax  $22

Lip Wax  $17

Chin Wax  $21

Brow & Lip Combo  $31