Hair Restoration Supplement

We understand that your hair is part of your identity and has the power to help you feel confident and attractive. No one should feel unattractive or lack confidence because of thinning hair, hair loss, or breakage.

Hair loss affects almost everyone. More than 50% of women and 70% of men will experience noticeable hair loss. By the time hair loss is visible, most people have already lost half of their hair.


We have helped countless clients who suffer from hair thinning or loss get results and feel like themselves again. Our guests love how easy Phyllotex is to take and more importantly, how effective it is!

phyllotex hair restoration vitamin

Grow Thicker, Longer, Stronger Hairs

1 capsule 2x a day improves blood flow & delivery of essential nutrients to follicles. Thick hairs get thicker, miniaturized hairs regain length & strength.

3x As Many Hairs & 300+% More Scalp Coverage

Less hair loss + thickening and lengthening of all your hairs leads to on average- more than 300% more scalp coverage in 9 months.

Healthier Hair, Healthier, Happier You

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamins D & B6 + Brazilian super plants beautify your hair while they power your immune system too! Having a healthier body and hair just feels good – and it shows!

Special Offer

We want you to see the results so we’re offering BUY 4 & SAVE 10% for a limited time. A 30-day supply is only $49 (Amazon $69).

Stop in today to buy your 30-day supply!

Why Phyllotex is different:

  • Quadruple action: Laboratory proven to counteract the four main causes of hair loss for men and women.

  • Patented: this is rare for supplements.

  • Independent Consumer Study: dramatic, visible scientific proof: doubling & tripling hair count in 4 & 9 months. All subjects showed at least some measurable improvement.

  • Outperforms other options: Phyllotex beats Viviscal, NutraFol and leading drug Minoxidil (Rogaine) in comparable studies.

Start Your Hair Restoration Journey Today!

1-2 months: significant reduction in hair shedding.

2-4 months: hair texture improves, faster and longer hair growth.

4-5 months: on average, hair has doubled, hair width 1.3x better than day 1.

6-9 months: on average hair count has tripled, scalp coverage significantly improved.


We want you to see the results, so we're offering BUY 4 & SAVE 10% for a limited time.

A 30-day supply is only $49 (Amazon $69).

Stop in today to buy your 30-day supply!

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