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Victoria Neenan Bio

Hair Therapy Salon & Day Spa

I want to help you create and bring the vision you have for your hair, into real life.  Whether it’s a trendy cut with a vivid color pallet, a natural looking style that is easy to re-create, or a new hair color maintained with ease, I customize it for your unique sense of style.  Art has always been my guide in life and being a Cosmetologist helps me tie my creative eye with the world.  My love of hair styling over the years has ignited even more through my passion to help people. 

The opportunity for knowledge is ever growing.  I love to learn new things and refine my existing skill sets.  Continued education adds a layer of detail to my work.  It enables me to partner with you and sculpt a style that compliments your lifestyle while creating the vision you wish to see.  When I see your hair, I see what shapes it can take.  I really enjoy evolving your style as your likes and dislikes change overtime.  

I am blessed with a beautiful family.  My husband and I have a son and daughter.  We love to explore nature and cook family recipes.  Exploring the world is something we live and strive for! 


I look forward to meeting you and the opportunity to help make your hair dreams come true!